by morsel

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a hopefully every growing album of stuff that doesnt fit on my other releases

as i cant make too much noise in my uni room, all the vocals for this are recorded in a park. i think the fear of someone walking up to me without me noticing, and them hearing me scream into my phone really adds something to my performances


released October 4, 2016



all rights reserved


morsel London, UK

morsel morsel morsel morsel morsel morsel morsel morsel morsel

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Track Name: skeleton
this is a quick song about what its like being really skinny and dating someone with anorexia
fugit heres the lyrics just in case you cant here what im saying

everyday i feel my shoulder blades
to see if im beginning to fade
they feel so ridged, i panic strong
i dont want to become a skeleton!

if i do ever get to thin
my heart might start stuttering
it isnt hot to look unwell
i mean my god look at tinuviel!
(theres constant fainting, its living hell
i learnt this all from tinuviel!) <-- i couldnt deside which line to use so i did both :)

and when you tell me what its like to be you its enough
to scare me into always eating the right stuff
and i hope the day will
when youll be able to make yourself more then a skeleton

Track Name: normie
pretty awful vocal performance, i had a very sore throat :/

this song is about the early days of my last relationship. i always avoided being obsessed with girls or being in things before my i had my girlfriend as i found it very stressful and a bit pathetic

Track Name: burritos
a song about my triumphs and failures since beginning to live alone

i make burritos every week
look at me look at me
and then i freeze them so i can eat
all through the week theyre lunch for me

im so on top of things
and so when my mums rings
i can end her suffering

just because
my rooms a mess
ive got loads of work
im stressfully behind
theres on coming tests
my cloths aint been washed in weeks
but hey thats ok because

i make burritos every week
look at me look at me
(at this point i suddenly realised there 2 guys on bikes right next to me watching and listening to me sing into my phone. you can hear them cycle past. my embarrassment caused the last lines to be gibberish)

Track Name: exams
an old spare recorded on my phone
pretty self explanatory

its 3 weeks to exams today
and i am fucked in every way

oh why did i never listen much
and now theres just not time enough
to learn the whole syllabus

i did a past paper today
and oh my god i got a D

how my teacher will be mad at me
when i august they finally see
that on all the homeworks i did cheat
oh what a stupid lazy fuck me
oh i am fucked

recorded 9/10/16
not sure when i decided to put it on here
Track Name: clunk
i just really like the use of "clunk" in reference to a joke getting no laughs
based on exaggerated real events tho

i invited
my new best friends
round to my room
to watch lord of the rings

it soon became
a game to see
who's got the
funniest commentary

i gotta keep up
i know I'm funny too
i say my joke
out into the room
and it

it clunks
it's just silence
except the sound of Aragon bashing an orks face in
and my friends breathing/wish it was my face in
no laughing no laughing/no im just kidding
no laughing

tho written at the end of 2016 and spent ages recording
still feel like i didnt nail
Track Name: bubble
this about going to uni and making pals
i do have lots of friends i just want more top teir ones
its not as bad as i make it sound

i want more friends
who hanging withs like breathing
who i can talk to for hours without trying

its been 8 months
and i only got 2 like this
and i feel by bubble slowly closing

Track Name: 18
bleh bleh bleh